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Member spotlight: Philip Lim

June 26, 2008

Philip posted this to the discussion list:

I’m new to songwriting and don’t know if my songs are any good. I’ve uploaded 4 songs to myspace and would appreciate any comments, good or bad, from you. I played all the instruments and recorded using SONAR 6.

They are pop/rock kind of songs.

“Love our Only Earth (The Environment Song)” is about saving the Earth.
“Hello Hello” is a fun ring tone I wrote for my handphone.
“Moonwalk” is a short guitar instrumental.
“Night Drive” is a silghtly jazzy acoustic instrumental.


Well Philip, it sounds as if you’ve been writing songs for a while! They sound good to me, especially the guitar riffs in the songs. Subtle and yet sophisticated to my ears.

If I have to pick a favourite track, I’d say it’s “Night Drive”.

Philip’s brand of music reminds me of Country Rock, with a Bluesy feel.

Is that a Fender Stratocaster you’re playing?

Nice work, Philip! Would be keen to see how you mix your stuff (if we do get a meetup organised, hahaha).

Check out Philip’s songs at - Philip Lim - Singapore, East - Rock / Classic Rock / Pop  -

BTW, Philip uses Cakewalk Sonar (PC-based, right?)

Not everyone here uses GarageBand, which is perfectly fine.

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  1. June 27, 2008 11:02 am

    Hey Ivan,

    Thanks alot for placing my post on this cool looking page here. I’m not very familiar with all these links in the cyberworld. Still learning.

    I’m glad you like the songs. Yes, that was a Fender Strat in “Love our only Earth”. I started with Garage Band but found that the only input my iMac Snow would accept is thru the built-in mike. So I looked around and settled for Sonar on PC. Will discuss more if we do have a meet up.


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