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Video tutorial: Using GarageBand to create podcasts, by Steve Jobs

November 23, 2008

This is a demo (MacWorld San Francisco, January 10, 2006) by Steve Jobs himself, of the (then) new podcast studio feature in GarageBand. But it’s as good as a tutorial.

In this demo, he records a voice track, adds images to sync with his script, and then a music track (and showing the “ducking” feature).

The demo is very slick. Seems to me he’s rehearsed it many times but makes it seem as if he’s trying it out for the first time. But the cool thing about GarageBand is that it really is that easy. I’d estimate first-time GarageBand users being able to achieve his standard (in the demo) within 30 to 45 minutes of playing around, once you grasp the basics as shown in the demo.

Prior to his demo, Steve mentioned how iChat could be used for remote interviews and the voice recording automatically incorporated with GarageBand. That’s something new to me, and I wish he’d demonstrated that (maybe it’s in YouTube somewhere).

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